[LLVMdev] Register Spilling and SSA

David Greene dag at cray.com
Thu Jan 14 14:35:27 PST 2010

On Thursday 14 January 2010 15:56, ST wrote:
> Hi
> I just stumbled upon this paper. While i just skimmed over it it seems as
> if the authors say that their algorithm is more efficient than the llvm 2.3
> algorithm? So i thought that might be interesting?
> http://pp.info.uni-karlsruhe.de/uploads/publikationen/braun09cc.pdf

Don't trust it.  The abstract clearly states they're counting the number of 
dynamic spills.  That has almost nothing to do with performance.

Someone would have to reproduce their experiment to verify that performance
indeed improves.

And alas, our field is notoriously unscientific in this respect.  
Reproducability of experiments is nonexistant.


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