[LLVMdev] Extra command line options from the LLVM CommandLine parser

Samuel Crow samuraileumas at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 12 10:14:14 PST 2010

Hello everybody,

We've just got our command-line driven program to compile after having converted our command-line option parser to use LLVM's commandline class.  The problem we've run into is that we get the following for llvmpeg --help :

USAGE: llvmpeg [options] <input file>

  -I=<path>        - Specify an additional include path
  -help            - Display available options (--help-hidden for more)
  -o=<filename>    - Specify output filename
  -stats           - Enable statistics output from program
  -time-passes     - Time each pass, printing elapsed time for each on exit
  -verbose         - Print informational messages
  -verify-dom-info - Verify dominator info (time consuming)
  -version         - Display the version of this program

The problem is that we never asked for the -stats, -time-passes, and -verify-dom-info options.  We're using LLVM 2.6.  Has this been fixed in trunk?




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