[LLVMdev] building a llvm-arm-elf crosscompiler on OSX 10.5

Pazzo Da Legare pazzodalegare at gmail.com
Sun Jan 10 15:17:36 PST 2010

Dear ML,

Anton, Thank you for your answer and your help.
I had a look at ARM.td of LLVM 2.6 (in lib/Target/ARM..) where I found
following definitions:

// V4T Processors.
def : ProcNoItin<"arm7tdmi",        [ArchV4T]>;
def : ProcNoItin<"arm7tdmi-s",      [ArchV4T]>;
def : ProcNoItin<"arm710t",         [ArchV4T]>;
def : ProcNoItin<"arm720t",         [ArchV4T]>;
def : ProcNoItin<"arm9",            [ArchV4T]>;
def : ProcNoItin<"arm9tdmi",        [ArchV4T]>;
def : ProcNoItin<"arm920",          [ArchV4T]>;
def : ProcNoItin<"arm920t",         [ArchV4T]>;
def : ProcNoItin<"arm922t",         [ArchV4T]>;
def : ProcNoItin<"arm940t",         [ArchV4T]>;
def : ProcNoItin<"ep9312",          [ArchV4T]>;

I would like to understand if LLVM can be used for ArchV4T or not.
Could you please indicate specific documentation for llvm ARM codegen?

Does anybody use llvm with arm7tdmi ucontroller (e.g. at91sam7xxx)

Thank you again for your help,


2010/1/10 Anton Korobeynikov <anton at korobeynikov.info>:
> Hello, Pazzo
>> Any clue?
> Yes. Sorry, my fault - next time I should check ARM docs before replying.
> ARM7TDMI is ARMv4T and this is not supported by LLVM (LLVM does v5+ codegen).

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