[LLVMdev] make fails to detect changes in case srcdir != objdir

David Greene dag at cray.com
Tue Jan 5 11:05:56 PST 2010

On Tuesday 05 January 2010 12:18, Gregory Petrosyan wrote:

> > It sounds like the dependencies for your pass are not correct.  Where
> > did you put it in the LLVM tree and how did you change the Makefiles?
> One new .cpp file in lib/Transforms/IPO + RegisterPass<> + mention pass in
> LinkAllPasses.h; no changes in makefiles.

Hmm, that should certainly work.  What file are you touching that make
doesn't seem to pick up?

> > A non-build after reconfigure is not really a problem.  If nothing in
> > the configuration has changed configure is smart enough not to update
> > anything so make doesn't see any changes.
> Yes, but in my case support for new targets should be built in.

What do you mean?

> It is entirely possible that I've screwed something up, although I've tried
> to follow LLVM docs as closely as possible. LLVM build system is really not
> the nicest part of LLVM :-)

That's true, but that's autoconf's fault, not LLVM's.  :)


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