[LLVMdev] paramter attributes and function types

james woodyatt jhw at conjury.org
Sun Feb 28 20:22:11 PST 2010


I'm confused about what I'm seeing in LLVM 2.6, and I have a series of related questions.

I can see how to apply attributes to function parameters and return values when defining and declaring functions, but I don't see how to do it for function type definitions.  It's certainly absent from the OCaml bindings.  I'm also not seeing it in the C-langauge bindings over which the OCaml bindings are a thin veneer.  I'm not seeing obvious signs of it in the C++ headers.

Nevertheless, the LLVM Language Reference document suggests, in the examples for the Function Types section, that parameter attributes are part of function types.

q1. Am I missing something?  Is there a way to apply attributes to parameters in function types?

q2. If not in LLVM 2.6, is this something already sorted out in the forthcoming LLVM 2.7 release?

q3. If not, is it something that *could* be sorted out in the forthcoming LLVM 2.7 release?

j h woodyatt <jhw at conjury.org>

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