[LLVMdev] RegisterScavenging on targets without subregisters

Kalle.Raiskila at nokia.com Kalle.Raiskila at nokia.com
Thu Feb 25 23:25:39 PST 2010

Scott Michel skrev:
> No, I wasn't having a management lobotomy moment. If the target's registers have 
> no subregisters, SubUsed is false and the assert gets tripped.
> Ok, back to the original question: What was the original intent in this code 
> (lines 186-193 in lib/CodeGen/RegisterScavenging.cpp)?

You beat me to it :). A simple bypass (patch attached) does at least not 
break 'make check' with x86 and SPU backends. (And fixes the problem 
with call.ll-test breaking when the SPU bigframes patch is applied)

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