[LLVMdev] Trouble with sample project template (Autoconf problem?)

John Criswell criswell at uiuc.edu
Wed Feb 24 11:30:11 PST 2010

Trevor Harmon wrote:
> On Feb 24, 2010, at 11:04 AM, Trevor Harmon wrote:
>>   $ ./AutoRegen.sh
>>   LLVM source root not found.
>>   Enter full path to LLVM source:/Users/twharmon/Development/LLVM/src/
>> llvm-trunk/llvm
>>   Enter full path to LLVM objects (empty for same as source):/Users/
>> twharmon/Development/LLVM/llvm/
> Actually, I think this part is wrong. If I supply the same path as the  
> source, "make" works.
> But what exactly is meant by "full path to LLVM objects"? I assumed it  
> means the place where LLVM installs to (that is, the --prefix  
> parameter of LLVM's configure), but that doesn't seem to be the case.
I believe it is asking for the location of the LLVM object tree.  This 
is the top-level directory in which LLVM places object files during 

For autoconf projects, you can place object files into a different 
directory than source files.  For example, if your LLVM source is in 
/src/llvm, and within the /obj/llvm directory you type:

 > /src/llvm/configure

..., then /obj/llvm is where the configure script will place all of the 
Makefiles used to compile LLVM.  This is the directory you use to 
compile LLVM, it is where the object files are placed during the build, 
and so it is called the Object Tree.

The path provided by the --prefix option is the Install Directory.  This 
is where files are placed after a "make install" is run in the Object Tree.

-- John T.

> Trevor
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