[LLVMdev] C Compiler written in OCaml, Pointers Wanted

Maxime Chevalier-Boisvert mcheva at cs.mcgill.ca
Tue Feb 23 20:18:00 PST 2010

 >> Is writing the runtime part of the assignment? In any case, to get 
yourself up and running, if you have declarations of the runtime 
functions in your module with external linkage, the JIT will dlsym them 
if it can't find a definition for them in your module. So if you have 
malloc, strlen, etc. linked into your binary (which I'm guessing you 
would, since I'm sure LLVM links in libc), it should be able to call those.

I don't think I have to write the runtime myself. Whether or not the 
binary links with libc would depend on whether OCaml does or not though. 
Can LLVM load pre-compiled object files for use with a JIT is what I 
really want to know. Although, if there was a way to force it to use a 
specific .so file to resolve symbols, that would be good also.

 >> I would guess that since you can call LLVM from OCaml, you can use 
any memory allocation strategy that you might normally use in a C/C++ 
program. ie, mmap some address space and go nuts. :)

That kind of goes back to the previous point though... How do I resolve 
the mmap function? I'm guessing though, if I can actually resolve libc's 
malloc, that saves me the trouble of having to implement my own memory 
allocation scheme.

- Max

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