[LLVMdev] Disabling emission of jump table info

Richard Osborne richard at xmos.com
Tue Feb 23 06:58:50 PST 2010

I've recently changed the XCore target to implement BR_JT as a jump to a 
series jumps. The jump table entries are expand inline in the function 
so there is no longer a need to emit jump tables at the end of the 
function. However the emission of jump tables at the end of a function 
is done inside the AsmPrinter base class and there seems to be no way of 
disabling this.

This also seems to effect code produced for ARM Thumb2. Again each jump 
table is emitted twice - once inline in the code and once at the end of 
the function. The jump tables at the end of the function are unused.

What would be the preferred way of dealing with this? Should I add a 
variable to AsmPrinter that can be set by targets to disable this 
emission at the end?

Richard Osborne | XMOS

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