[LLVMdev] using bugpoint to find miscompilation/code generation problems?

David Dunkle ddunkle at arxan.com
Tue Feb 16 19:45:59 PST 2010

Sorry to ask about a documented use of bugpoint, but I am having trouble
understanding what to do.
I would like to be able to use bugpoint to simplify test cases, when the
symptom is a run time difference in the testprogram behavior. That looks
like what is described in the documentation as "miscompilation or
perhaps code generation problems". There are examples in the LLVM doc
showing runs with -output argument to supply the expected output, -args
to give the program arguments, and -tool-args give arguments to, in this
case, llc. The problem is that I can't seem to get bugpoint to run this
way, and its probably my fault.

Can someone give me an example for LLVM 4.2.1 that runs bugpoint in this
1) I want to run a test compiled to bitcode (this is the bugpoint
input). I have this.
2) The bitcode compiled with llc to a .s file by bugpoint.
3) Then the .s file linked with gcc by bugpoint.
4) The final file run automatically by bugpoint against oggenc output
compiled by llvm-gcc straight to native code
It then iterates until a simplified test case is created whose output is
still different from that of the native code.
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