[LLVMdev] Minor cosmetic issues

Russell Wallace russell.wallace at gmail.com
Mon Feb 15 16:39:40 PST 2010

In -help output,

  -help                               - Display available options
(--help-hidden for more)
Both single and double - option markers are accepted, which is good.
It would probably be better to refer to options consistently using the
single marker in all cases.

    =linearscan                       -   linear scan register allocator
    =pbqp                             -   PBQP register allocator.
Period at end of output, unlike in other similar lines

  -join-liveintervals                 - Coalesce copies (default=true)
  -regalloc                           - Register allocator to use:
(default = linearscan)
  -rewriter                           - Rewriter to use: (default: local)
It would probably be better to use the first style consistently throughout.

In -version output,

Low Level Virtual Machine (http://llvm.org/):
  llvm version 2.6svn
  Optimized build.
  Built Feb 14 2010(11:05:20).

  Registered Targets:
    alpha   - Alpha [experimental]
    arm     - ARM
    bfin    - Analog Devices Blackfin [experimental]
    c       - C backend
    cellspu - STI CBEA Cell SPU [experimental]
    cooper  - PIC16 Cooper [experimental]
    cpp     - C++ backend
    mips    - Mips
    mipsel  - Mipsel
    msil    - MSIL backend
    msp430  - MSP430 [experimental]
    pic16   - PIC16 14-bit [experimental]
    ppc32   - PowerPC 32
    ppc64   - PowerPC 64
    sparc   - Sparc
    systemz - SystemZ
    thumb   - Thumb
    x86     - 32-bit X86: Pentium-Pro and above
    x86-64  - 64-bit X86: EM64T and AMD64
    xcore   - XCore
This would probably look better if the second block were shifted two
spaces left, to have the same alignment as the first block.

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