[LLVMdev] Broken CMake file?

Conrado Miranda miranda.conrado at gmail.com
Mon Feb 15 06:39:28 PST 2010

Hi there.

I was trying to rebuild LLVM, this time with Clang, and after getting the
last svn version, I got this error during cmake:
CMake Error: Error in cmake code at
Parse error.  Function missing ending ")".  Instead found left paren with
text "(".

The line is "if(NOT (${entry} STREQUAL
${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}/compiler-rt))". I really don't know anything
about CMake, but when changed the line to "if(NOT ${entry} STREQUAL
${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}/compiler-rt)", it passed without error. I don't
know if this is the right way to do this or maybe it's a problem with my

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