[LLVMdev] sparc status llvm 2.7?

Nathan Keynes Nathan.Keynes at Sun.COM
Sun Feb 14 14:25:14 PST 2010

On 15/02/2010, at 4:12 AM, Török Edwin wrote:

> Hi Nathan,
> What will the status of the Sparc backend be in LLVM 2.7? Can
> llvm-gcc/clang [1] on Sparc produce working programs?
> I would also be interested if there any plans for a Sparc JIT for LLVM 2.8.
> Currently LLVM has a working JIT on x86, ppc (and perhaps arm?) AFAIK.
> It'd be great if sparc had JIT support too.
> I've seen that a very old version of LLVM had Sparc JIT support (don't
> know how well it worked), but it got removed when the v8 and v9 code was
> merged.
> [1] not necessarely a bootstrapped llvm-gcc

Hi Edwin,

 The current subversion trunk produces _mostly_ working 32-bit SPARC code now with llvm-gcc, but as noted above it doesn't quite bootstrap gcc yet - there are still some bugs in the generated code. Which is to say, it's not at production level yet. I haven't tested clang, but I would expect it to behave similarly.

 I'd also like to see SPARC JIT working, but I don't know when/if anyone will have time to do the work.


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