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Samuel Crow samuraileumas at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 12 08:45:05 PST 2010

Hello Óscar,

The problem with that idea is that they require a pointer to a FILE structure.  This file structure is included from stdio.h which has macros and conditional compilation all over the place.  There are no constructors in these libraries to call and, as such, they are platform dependent.  Is there any way to link in an external type definition to an opaque type?  We'd need to include some equivalent of stdio.h into the bitcode.

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> "Michael Ness" writes:
> > I'm attempting to use file I/O across platforms from LLVM assembly
> > using the standard GNU C library: fprintf(), stdin/stdout, etc.
> > Ideally I'd like to simply provide a single bitcode file that could be
> > compiled on each platform, but because the internals of the I/O on
> > each platform is different, this is not currently workable.
> Why not library calls?
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