[LLVMdev] Portable I/O

Michael Ness mike at liquido2.com
Fri Feb 12 07:37:49 PST 2010

I'm attempting to use file I/O across platforms from LLVM assembly using the standard GNU C library: fprintf(), stdin/stdout, etc.  Ideally I'd like to simply provide a single bitcode file that could be compiled on each platform, but because the internals of the I/O on each platform is different, this is not currently workable.

So my question is this:  How do you suggest doing I/O in a portable way from LLVM assembly?

My current thoughts run along two lines:

1.  Writing a non-portable wrapper around the I/O routines to present a common interface to the calling module.

2.  Conditional assembly for each platform, but I don't see any facilities for this in LLVM assembly.

Are there any other ways to do this or any projects in the works that may provide a solution?

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