[LLVMdev] ConstantMerge & addressSpaces

Arnaud Allard de Grandmaison Arnaud.AllardDeGrandMaison at dibcom.com
Fri Feb 12 03:57:16 PST 2010


It seems I stepped on a bug with the ConstantMerge IPO pass, regarding address spaces.

For example, if a module contains the following:

@a = internal constant i16 224
@b = internal addrspace(30) constant i16 224

Although a & b have the same initializer, i think they should not be merged. Attempting to do it anyway will trigger an assertion.

I guess the safe and easy way is to only merge constants in the 0 address space, as the other address spaces may need a target specific behaviour. The patch for this is attached.

Best regards,
Arnaud de Grandmaison
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