[LLVMdev] adding switches to llvm-ld to disable certain optimizations.

Sanjiv.Gupta at microchip.com Sanjiv.Gupta at microchip.com
Thu Feb 11 22:41:52 PST 2010

>> One more thing that I feel will simplify things in a great sense is to make i16 legal (as it would make the pointer legal) and there onwards lower the types/operations ourselves to 8-bit (as type legalizer wouldn't do that). By doing that we would pretty much need to duplicate the legalizer code in our back-end as the TypeLegalizer interfaces currently are not exposed to TargetLowering. Or can a back-end just create an instance of Type Legalizer and use it?

>I don't have anything to suggest here.


Your two cents needed here.

- Sanjiv

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