[LLVMdev] llc generated machine assembly code for NASM

Anton Korobeynikov anton at korobeynikov.info
Tue Feb 2 19:06:08 PST 2010

>> I am sure that you've run into many problems when efforts were carried out
>> to implement the Intel ASM printer between version 1.6 and 1.7. I'd
>> appreciated it if you could point me to any document with regard to relavent
>> problems at that time.
> I don't have such document.
> Just grab some non-trivial c++ app (with several source files) and try
> to generate an assembler.
And I should say that trivial examples indeed worked in the past.
Something larger than "hello world" - not.

With best regards, Anton Korobeynikov
Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics, Saint Petersburg State University

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