[LLVMdev] llvm::ShuffleVectorInst yields incorrect vector length in 2.6

Maarten Hoeben maarten.hoeben at avinity.net
Tue Feb 2 09:24:11 PST 2010

Bob Wilson-3 wrote:
>>  %13 = load <3 x float>* %w                      ; <<3 x float>>
>> [#uses=0]
>>  %14 = shufflevector <3 x float> %13, <3 x float> undef, <2 x i32> <i32
>> 1,
>> i32 0> ; <<3 x float>> [#uses=0]
> The type of %14 should be <2 x float>, since the elements are floats and
> the mask has 2 entries.  What do you mean when you write that it has "the
> length of vector 1"?

By length of "the length of vector 1" I meant ShuffleVectorInst yields a
vector value with the same number of elements as the first argument (or
second for that matter - they should be the same). In other words it returns
a vector <3 x float>. From the documentation I understood, and your answers
confirms, that it should return a vector of type <2 x float>. %14 is a
direct dump of the value returned from the statement "new
ShuffleVectorInst(...)", and it says it returned a vector of type <3 x
float>. This is later confirmed by an assertion in the DAG code (I believe
in a function visitShuffleVectorInst), complaining an incorrect number of
elements for some type.

My question is whether I misunderstood the documentation, or that there is a
bug in the code generation. Apparently I didn't misread the documentation,
but I find it hard to believe that the code generation is buggy. Any
suggestion where I should look to diagnose this further?
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