[LLVMdev] job ad: QA contractor position in Apple's compiler team

Ted Kremenek kremenek at apple.com
Mon Aug 30 13:32:12 PDT 2010

This is an advertisement for a QA contractor position in Apple's Clang frontend team.  Please forward to anyone who might be interested.


Apple's LLVM compiler team is looking to fill a 6 month QA contractor position to help drive major improvements to our qualification and testing processes for Clang.

Currently we have a semi-automated process for tracking compiler correctness, performance of the compiler, and performance of the generated code.  We are looking for someone who will help drive major enhancements to the automation of our testing (in all three mentioned areas), isolate and file compiler bugs found by the automation, design new tests and methodology, and make it scale to testing larger scenarios.

We have a strong preference for automating manual tasks, but there are still manual tests that are currently run, and much of the isolation is still manual.  The candidate will be in charge of handling these tasks and automating them where possible.


- Significant UNIX experience required; Mac OS X experience preferred
- Python programming experience required
- Proven testing and bug reporting skills (and familiar with bug management tools)
- Basic understanding of C/C++ compilers, how they work and how they are used
- C++ programming language experience a significant plus
- Familiarity with buildbot and similar automated testing tools
- Familiarity with Python programming for (basic) web interfaces a plus
- Familiarity with building AJAX web interfaces a plus
- Familiarity with basic statistics a plus
- Familiarity with open source is desired, and experience with the open source LLVM project is a major plus
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills, particularly with communicating technical issues to others

Job responsibilities would include:

- Extending current automated testing ("buildbot") to include additional projects and test suites to qualify the compiler
- Reduce compiler failures found during testing and file appropriate bug reports
- Audit load distribution of our testing machines, and requisition new resources where needed
- Automate release candidate qualification, including generating "seed" builds of compiler for internal testing
- Semi-automate the tagging of bug reports incorporated into a given compiler release
- Improve testing infrastructure to include comprehensive performance and correctness monitoring (via a web interface)

If you are interested in the position, please email your resume to Ted Kremenek (kremenek at apple.com).
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