[LLVMdev] llvm-link and ld option --whole-archive

Nathan McCauley nathan.mccauley at gmail.com
Fri Aug 27 15:00:08 PDT 2010

Hello list,

On linux, ld has the following option:

           For each archive mentioned on the command line after the
           --whole-archive option, include every object file in the archive
           the link, rather than searching the archive for the required
           files.  This is normally used to turn an archive file into a
           library, forcing every object to be included in the resulting
           shared library.  This option may be used more than once.

It would be convenient for similar functionality to exist in llvm-link for
handling archive files being transformed into shared libraries.  The
equivalent functionality can be achieved in a straightforward manner by
exploding the archive files first, but this makes integration into existing
build systems difficult and/or tedious.

Generally speaking, is the goal of llvm-link to be full featured, or just to
fill in as a bitcode linker for the time being?

-Nathan McCauley
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