[LLVMdev] Error Building LLVM on AIX 6

John Criswell criswell at illinois.edu
Mon Aug 23 08:03:08 PDT 2010

Dear Patrick,

Documentation on some AIX routines to do the same thing can be found at 

Interestingly enough, the same page suggests that AIX does, in fact, 
support dlopen() and friends for POSIX compatibility.  You might need to 
find out if there's a header file or a #define (e.g. _POSIX) that you 
need to include/define to get dlopen() and friends working on AIX.  The 
above web page provides the name of an AIX document which should aid in 
determining how to use dlopen() on AIX.

-- John T.

Eric Christopher wrote:
> On Aug 22, 2010, at 3:38 PM, Patrick Simmons wrote:
>>  I get the following problem building LLVM 2.7 on AIX 6:
>> gmake[1]: Entering directory 
>> `/home/home/ac/psimmons/llvm/llvm-2.7/lib/System'
>> llvm[1]: Compiling Path.cpp for Release build
>> In file included from Path.cpp:262:
>> Unix/Path.inc: In static member function 'static llvm::sys::Path 
>> llvm::sys::Path::GetTemporaryDirectory(std::string*)':
>> Unix/Path.inc:142: error: 'mkdtemp' was not declared in this scope
>> Unix/Path.inc: In static member function 'static llvm::sys::Path 
>> llvm::sys::Path::GetMainExecutable(const char*, void*)':
>> Unix/Path.inc:365: error: 'Dl_info' was not declared in this scope
>> Unix/Path.inc:365: error: expected `;' before 'DLInfo'
>> Unix/Path.inc:366: error: 'DLInfo' was not declared in this scope
>> Unix/Path.inc:366: error: 'dladdr' was not declared in this scope
>> gmake[1]: *** 
>> [/home/home/ac/psimmons/llvm/llvm-2.7/lib/System/Release/Path.o] Error 1
>> gmake[1]: Leaving directory 
>> `/home/home/ac/psimmons/llvm/llvm-2.7/lib/System'
>> gmake: *** [all] Error 1
>> -bash-3.2$ pwd
>> Is this a known problem?  How should I go about fixing this?
> mkdtemp is missing on at least AIX 5.1:
> http://www.gnu.org/software/hello/manual/gnulib/mkdtemp.html
> though it's part of the posix standard.
> The dynamic library routines like dladdr and dlinfo don't really seem
> to exist on AIX, but that's what you'll need a replacement for.  The
> way to go about fixing this would be to find the routines that do
> exist that will perform something resembling the same tasks and port
> the code to use them on AIX.
> Sorry there's not much more I can do to help.
> -eric
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