[LLVMdev] steens-aa

Dineth dineth2007 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 22 14:37:35 PDT 2010

I'm trying to use steens-aa from poolalloc on llvm-2.6. However, when
I run the alias analysis, steens aa falls back on default aa because
the DSNodes are incomplete. My  program is very simple. The default aa
identifies that &a and &c.b cannot alias but d can alias with both of
them. I use the AliasAnalysis.alias method to find out pairwise from
within my own analysis which of the values alias. When I run opt I
passed -steens-aa  as an option. Can someone please tell me what  I'm
doing wrong here.


bar(long **p)

  long *a;
  struct foo {
   long *b;
  } c;
  long **d = NULL;

  bar (&a);
  bar (&c.b);
  bar (d);
  return 0;

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