[LLVMdev] ToT ARM Code generator causing - Error: invalid constant (xxx) after fixup in assembly output

Pawel Wodnicki root at 32bitmicro.com
Wed Aug 18 11:37:22 PDT 2010

On 8/18/2010 12:39 PM, Dale Johannesen wrote:
> I can look at this, but you'll need to send the .bc file.  Please open 
> a PR?

I would do it but I am in  a bit of a pickle as the .bc is from 
propriety code and
I can  not post it.
Anyway, I have been trying to re-create the problem in a simpler test case.
Since, I do not have access to the source for the .bc I am trying to guess
the kind of code that created the problem. So far I was able to replicate
the one large basic block but I not sure how to produce the constant pool
with the jumptable like in the description below.

> There have been lots of bugs in ARMConstantIslands where it's off by 
> 1, but I haven't seen one where it's off by a lot like this.
The big offset is due to this one large basic block and is not a problem 
with alignment or any off by 1  issue.
> On Aug 17, 2010, at 7:53 PMPDT, Pawel Wodnicki wrote:
>> Hello,
>> This problem happens in ToT under specific conditions - namely there is
>> a big BB#671 basic block of code
>> the just copies data from memory location to another. At the beginning
>> of BBB#671 r0 is loaded
>> from the jumptable in the constant pool immediately after it.
>> Displacement from the pc
>> in this case is #1476 which is way above magic #1020 hence the error
>> after fixup.
>> Both ARMCodeEmitter::emitLEApcrelJTInstruction() and 
>> emitJumpTableAddress()
>> are responsible for the offending instruction adr    r0, #.LJTI8485_1_1
>> But besides the fact that they do not complain about the invalid offset
>> from the pc I do not see
>> anything wrong here.
>> The problem seems to be in the ARMConstantIslands which is not splitting
>> BB#671 into
>> smaller pieces and thus producing over the limit 'add' opcode.
>> This code fragment below is produced from a rather large bitcode file
>> that resists being reduced to something
>> more manageable. As a result keystrokes in gdb are very "expensive " and
>> taxing my  machine rather heavily.
>> Any thoughts and hints on debugging this issue would be much 
>> appreciated!
>> I have used  llc with these options to produce the output:
>> llc -O0 -regalloc=fast  -relocation-model=pic  l.bc -o ll-2.8.s
>>     bhi    .LBB8485_455
>> @ BB#671:                               @ %bb154
>>                                         @   in Loop: Header=BB8485_1112
>> Depth=5
>>     adr    r0, #.LJTI8485_1_1
>>     ldr    r1, [sp, #3300]
>>     ldr    r2, [r0, r1, lsl #2]
>>     ...
>>     lots of boring code omitted
>>     ...
>>     add    pc, r2, r0
>> .LJTI8485_1_1:
>>     .set    .L8485_1_1_set_70,.LBB8485_70-.LJTI8485_1_1
>>     .long     .L8485_1_1_set_70
>>     .set    .L8485_1_1_set_49,.LBB8485_49-.LJTI8485_1_1
>>     .long     .L8485_1_1_set_49
>>     .set    .L8485_1_1_set_419,.LBB8485_419-.LJTI8485_1_1
>>     .long     .L8485_1_1_set_419
>>     .set    .L8485_1_1_set_1085,.LBB8485_1085-.LJTI8485_1_1
>>     .long     .L8485_1_1_set_1085
>>     .set    .L8485_1_1_set_439,.LBB8485_439-.LJTI8485_1_1
>> When assembler runs on the output we get:
>> ll-2.8.s:1916640: Error: invalid constant (5c4) after fixup
>> Standard disclaimer:
>> All of the tools used were proper ARM cross compiler,assembler, etc
>> running on x86_64
>> and no bitcode was ever harmed during debugging.
>> Cheers,
>> Pawel
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