[LLVMdev] clang: call extern function using JIT

gafferuk gafferuk at gmail.com
Tue Aug 17 19:55:42 PDT 2010

Can someone pease tell me what I am doing wrong?

Im trying to register an external function with the JIT, so can call
functions in my music 


Here my function

int Execute(llvm::Module *Mod, char * const *envp) {

	std::string Error;
	llvm::OwningPtr<llvm::ExecutionEngine> EE(
		llvm::ExecutionEngine::createJIT(Mod, &Error));
	if (!EE) {
		llvm::errs() << "unable to make execution engine: " << Error << "\n";
		return 255;

	// code I have added 


	llvm::FunctionType* ft = llvm::FunctionType::get(llvm::Type::getInt32Ty

		std::vector<const llvm::Type*>(0, llvm::Type::getInt32Ty

(llvm::getGlobalContext())), false);

	llvm::Function* f = llvm::Function::Create(ft,

"yipee", Mod);
	EE->addGlobalMapping(f, yipee);
	llvm::Function *YipeeFn = Mod->getFunction("yipee");
	if (!YipeeFn) {
		llvm::errs() << "'yipee' function not found in module.\n";
		return 255;
	// end code I have added 



	llvm::Function *EntryFn = Mod->getFunction("main");
	if (!EntryFn) {
		llvm::errs() << "'main' function not found in module.\n";
		return 255;

	// FIXME: Support passing arguments.
	std::vector<std::string> Args;

	return EE->runFunctionAsMain(EntryFn, Args, envp);

// here the C code to be ran with JIT 


int main() {
	int dd = yipee(1);
  return 1;


gafferuk wrote:
> hi, im creating a music application(image below).
> At the moment im using tcc compiler but im moving across to clang because
> of the improved compiler warnings.
> Can anyone please explain and show code so I can use clang's JIT to call
> functions in my application?
> Thanks.
>  http://old.nabble.com/file/p29449300/51709341.jpeg 

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