[LLVMdev] Unnecessary Win64 stack allocations...

Cameron Esfahani dirty at apple.com
Tue Aug 10 19:23:22 PDT 2010

I'm trying to understand the Win64 case of the code below, from X86RegisterInfo.cpp:

  // If this is x86-64 and the Red Zone is not disabled, if we are a leaf
  // function, and use up to 128 bytes of stack space, don't have a frame
  // pointer, calls, or dynamic alloca then we do not need to adjust the
  // stack pointer (we fit in the Red Zone).
  if (Is64Bit && !Fn->hasFnAttr(Attribute::NoRedZone) &&
      !needsStackRealignment(MF) &&
      !MFI->hasVarSizedObjects() &&                // No dynamic alloca.
      !MFI->adjustsStack() &&                      // No calls.
      !IsWin64) {                                  // Win64 has no Red Zone
    uint64_t MinSize = X86FI->getCalleeSavedFrameSize();
    if (HasFP) MinSize += SlotSize;
    StackSize = std::max(MinSize, StackSize > 128 ? StackSize - 128 : 0);
  } else if (IsWin64) {
    // We need to always allocate 32 bytes as register spill area.
    // FIXME: We might reuse these 32 bytes for leaf functions.
    StackSize += 32;

Why is it always allocating the register spill area?  In a simple little test case, I was able to verify that, if that code was removed, the register parameters would properly get saved to their shadow space.

Cameron Esfahani
dirty at apple.com

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