[LLVMdev] llvm "iword" type

Joshua Warner joshuawarner32 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 9 09:44:35 PDT 2010


I'm generating some LLVM IR that has to mask out the lower bits two bits of
a certain pointers.  I expect this should be done like so (on a 32-bit

%classPointer = ...
%classPointer1 = ptrtoint i8** %classPointer to i32
%classPointer2 = and i32 -4, %classPointer1
%realClassPointer = inttoptr i32 %classPointer2 to i8**

Ideally, I'd like to generate completely architecture-independent code,
which brings me to my question: Does LLVM have some sort of
i<target_ptr_size> type that I can cast to to do this masking (like size_t
in C), instead of generating different LLVM IR for 32- and 64- bit


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