[LLVMdev] Usage of pointers to elements of a std::vector that might be reallocated

Eugene Toder eltoder at gmail.com
Sun Aug 8 07:08:54 PDT 2010

> Not only this code does not compile with NDEBUG set

I may be missing something, but why does it not compile with -DNDEBUG?
assert() macro expands to noop when NDEBUG is set.


On Sun, Aug 8, 2010 at 2:19 PM, Amaury Pouly <amaury.pouly at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I was trying to interface a custom backend instruction scheduler with llvm
> code when I realize something terrible. The scheduling code builds a graph
> made up of SUnit * nodes (see ScheduleDAG*.{cpp,h}). These SUnits nodes are
> allocated via a std::vector< SUnit >.
> This isn't a problem as long as the pointers are taken after the vector is
> fully filled and the vector never changes its size. But the problem is that
> is can happen !
> Indeed, in some rare cases, the scheduler needs to duplicate a SUnit and
> thus allocate a new one. This gives code this:
> ScheduleDAGSNodes.cpp:
> #ifndef NDEBUG
>   const SUnit *Addr = 0;
>   if (!SUnits.empty())
>     Addr = &SUnits[0];
> #endif
>   SUnits.push_back(SUnit(N, (unsigned)SUnits.size()));
>   assert((Addr == 0 || Addr == &SUnits[0]) &&
> Not only this code does not compile with NDEBUG set but it could trigger an
> extermely reliable assertion failure in some cases. One could think that
> this is too rare to happen but it does happen with my scheduler and I'm not
> quite embarassed because I can't do anything apart from hacking llvm source
> code. I feel that triggering an assertion failure just because the user made
> the mistake of having not luck is not great for such a big framework as LLVM
> :)
> Shouldn't LLVM use a custom vector implementation for such cases, an
> implementation that does not invalidate pointers when growing ?
> I have such an implementation at hand that I'm willing to provide if needed.
> Regards
> Amaury Pouly
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