[LLVMdev] x86 Vector Shuffle Patterns

David A. Greene greened at obbligato.org
Thu Aug 5 15:11:53 PDT 2010

David Greene <dag at cray.com> writes:

> I'm asking because I'm having some trouble converting some AVX patterns
> over to the new system.  I'm getting this error from tblgen:
> VyPERM2F128PDirrmi: 	(set:isVoid VR256:v4i64:$dst, (vector_shuffle:v4i64 VR256:v4i64:$src1, (ld:v4i64 addr:iPTR:$src2)<<P:Predicate_unindexedload>><<P:Predicate_load>><<P:Predicate_memop>>)<<P:Predicate_vperm2f128>><<X:SHUFFLE_get_vperm2f128_imm>>)
> llvm/lib/Target/X86/X86InstrSIMD.td:1705:6: error: In VyPERM2F128PDirrmi: Cannot specify a transform function for a non-input value!

It turns out this was a tblgen deficiency.  I've got it fixed.  This
will go upstream as soon as I finish merging 2.7 here.


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