[LLVMdev] whether these transformations are doable and how?

Andreas Neustifter astifter-llvm at gmx.at
Sun Apr 11 21:58:51 PDT 2010


On 04/09/2010 01:29 PM, Ning Wang wrote:
> I'm a newbie to llvm, please first forgive my naive questions. I want to
> instrument llvm code to do some run-time monitoring work.  After reading
> some of the llvm documentation, it begins clear to me that I can do the
> instrumentation in a transformation pass.   There are several things I
> want to do in the transformation pass, but I'm not sure whether they are
> doable and how to do them even after I read the documentation.  I would
> be very appreciate if anyone can answer my questions or give me hints of
> how to do them.
> 1.  can I add more global memory objects to a module?  any hint how to
> do it?  do I need to derive a pass from ModulePass?

There is an instrumentation pass that adds counters to the control flow 
graph edges to perform profiling at 
lib/Transforms/Instrumentation/OptimalEdgeProfiling.cpp. You can have a 
look there how its done.


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