[LLVMdev] Arm port

Chuck Robey chuckr at telenix.org
Mon May 25 14:00:03 PDT 2009

Chris Lattner wrote:
> On May 22, 2009, at 1:37 PM, Chuck Robey wrote:
>> I *really* hate the idea of getting into yet another discussion  
>> about yet
>> another new make system
> I agree.  While I too like 'make' (particularly with the gnu  
> extensions :), it does not cut it for us on windows.  If there are  
> problems with cmake that are preventing it from being used to generate  
> unix make files, I'd appreciate it if we (as a community) could rally  
> around resolving them, rather than introducing even more crazy build  
> systems.

Well, I could offer these two items: first, I know that binaries of the GNU Make
(and most of the GNU tools, in fact) for a Windows environment are available on
the web, I saw them there a year or two ago.  I have to admit I don't run
Windows of any kind here, but if you have GNU Make and a bash or sh shell, then
it's not all that hard to write GNU Makefiles macros which could check the
environment (any variables you cared about), and modify the build directly,
depending on what you want to have changed. I did that once, it's not all that hard.

I don't have enough experience with CMake to comment, I just did a CMake build
on my FreeBSD system, and the Makefile it generates is kinda primitive, written
in the old, OLD SYSV style, no conditionals at all.  I don't know if that comes
from the CMake folks or the llvm project.

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