[LLVMdev] Arm port

Chuck Robey chuckr at telenix.org
Fri May 22 13:53:14 PDT 2009

Óscar Fuentes wrote:
>> If you folks felt this would be desireable.  If llvm gets brought into
>> any BSD, it's going to have to be created by the BSD involved, anyhow
>> ... well nearly all, I've seen recently that OpenBSD seems to be
>> making use of outside makefiles in outside sourced things like Perl.
>> But it would surely need BSD Makefiles for FreeBSD, and I'm pretty
>> sure for NetBSD also.  They're not all that difficult to add in, I
>> could do that for you if you wanted.
> If incompatibilities of cmake and BSD make are found, maybe the cmake
> people can fix them once is made clear that those issues are blocking
> widespread usage on the BSD community. I can provide some help
> addressing specific issues with the LLVM cmake specification (not with
> cmake itself).

I never said it would block anything at all, and it won't.  The BSD people will
easily add in their own Makefiles.  I can never understand why so many people
find building Makefiles so terribly difficult, they seem simple enough to me.
What you've folks accomplished WRT to LLVM and CLANG, now that's impressive!
The Makefiles, sorry, that's kindergartener level stuff )(at least to me, and I
don't intend any sort of insult in anything you wrote).  It's certainly, easily
possible to mrite truly complex Makefiles, but they don't need to be that way.
I find it rather trivial to go from a listing of a successful build to making
the makefile that drives it, a trivial task.  If doing any of this is truly
complex in CMake, well, that seems to me to be a comment in itself ... it's not
in BSD Make.

Someone said that maybe CMake is already compatible with BSD make, so I quicly
went into one of your Makefiles and took out the first incompatibility I found.
 Means ONLY that CMake != BSD Make, that's all.  Looks to me to be a great deal
more like GNU Make, isn't that so?

I'm going to offer you the patches, and leave it up to you whatever you do with
it.  I'll feel good about it, and if you decide that the best use is throw them
away, that's your decision, I'm not going to do anything past answer any
questions that occur.  My own feeling is that adding in the ability to generate
BSD Makefiles from Cmake files is going to tremendously compllicate the ability
to fix build problems, things that would be simpler for folks on their
(whatever)BSD systems to just add in their own makefiles on their own systems.
BSD Make is going to make that easy enough to do, without even having to remove
whatever makefiles you place in there.  It'd leave things far more easy to
troubleshoot.  So, use it or don't, let's not argue the thing, ok?

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