[LLVMdev] memory access optimizations

Christian Sayer Christian.Sayer at dibcom.fr
Wed May 20 02:05:37 PDT 2009

Hello all,

I had an issue with instcombine.
from TargetLowering.cpp (SimplifySetCC()):
>      // If the LHS is '(and load, const)', the RHS is 0,
>      // the test is for equality or unsigned, and all 1 bits of the const are
>      // in the same partial word, see if we can shorten the load.

to make it short, a little pseudo-code example:
 %res = (load i16* addr) and (0x100)
 %res = (load i8* addr+1) and (0x1)

Since my target is not byte-addressable (yes, I have been warned : ),
this does not work for me.

So this is just to ask anybody who might know offhand about other places
where this byte-addressability assumption may be an issue to drop me a line,
so I can have a look at it in the first place.
So far I have covered obvoius things like the backend and TargetData for StructLayout,
therefore I would be particularly interested in anything
which typically does not directly concern backend development.

Thank you,


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