[LLVMdev] Intrinsic

Manoel Teixeira manoel at fonetica.com.br
Fri May 15 09:50:13 PDT 2009


 I'm trying to use exception control by LLVM.
 In the demo page, I got :

declare i8* @llvm.eh.exception() nounwind

But, when a try to emit the code by llvm engine, the name is generate with the sufix .132
 (  llvm.eh.exception.132  ) and the Function::getIntrinsicID abort the program.
It was so :


Now, it's running with this calling :

return cast<Function> llvm_module->getOrInsertFunction(std::string("llvm.eh.exception"),
                                                   Intrinsic::getType(Intrinsic::eh_exception, &Tys,1)) );

Is that correct?

Manoel Teixeira

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