[LLVMdev] the different semantics between dwarf-eh and sjlj-eh

zhengjian zhang zhangzhengjian at gmail.com
Wed May 6 23:41:55 PDT 2009


>> from the exist llvm-ir it seems there are some common info for sjlj-eh
>> and  dwarf-eh!
>> are there possible use the exist llvm-ir to generate exception table
> >for sjlj-eh ?

>No. There should be support from llvm-gcc. sjlj eh and dwarf eh have
>different semantics

different semantics ?  !
I think llvm-gcc generate the IR should not include the exception
runtime lib info, so support  dwarf-eh and sjlj-eh should be
delay to the llvm back-end or target platform . and the specific
target codegen the same IR to different exception style code !

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