zhengjian zhang zhangzhengjian at gmail.com
Tue May 5 18:16:02 PDT 2009


>There's definitely more to it than the current intrinsics, which are
>there to support dwarf.

that's to say we need modify the llvm-gcc so the front end can
generate the sjlj-style IR,

>SJLJ exceptions rely on runtime library
>functions to register and unregister call frames which require
>unwinding, so we need to modify LLVM to handle generating those call

my approach :  when the user use the option, e.g  -enable-sjlj-eh, I
will build the  register and unregister, and
other handle sjlj-eh calls, at my target side.  yeah, that's  a  ugly
method, because I  didn't touch the llvm-gcc

>Most of the landing pad organization should transfer over with only a
>bit of tweaking. The type checking and catch selection needs to be
>compatible with what's passed from GCC generated code, so there's a
>bit of work to do there as well.

because of my above ugly approach!   now  that's very difficult for me
to generate the  right  exception table!

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