[LLVMdev] Stack alignment in JIT compiled code

Andrew Haley aph at redhat.com
Fri May 1 11:58:21 PDT 2009

Anton Korobeynikov wrote:

>> That's right.  If you want to be able to call any code produced by gcc,
>> you have to preserve 16-alignment.  gcc-generated code does not realign
>> the stack pointer.

> This was for gcc < 4.4, where stack alignment handling was really
> messy. stack-realignment branch was merged afair into gcc 4.4 and
> allows automatic realignment of stack, when necessary.

I don't think that matters.  gcc 4.4.0 has been released for all of ten days.
gcc < 4.4 is going to be in use for many years, so you have to be able to
cope with it.


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