[LLVMdev] Google Summer of Code 2009

Pranav pranav at iitk.ac.in
Wed Mar 25 12:08:57 PDT 2009


I am  final year undergraduate in the Indian Institute of Technology 
Kanpur, India and I would like to work on the LLVM compiler 
infrastructure in the summers under Google Summer of Code 2009.

I am greatly interested in adding new transformations and optimization 
passes to the existing compiler - particularly the _value range 
propagation_ or _predictive commoning_. Since coming across the 
projects, I have gone through these analyses and I am very excited about 
working on them. I have a deep interest in compilers and code 
optimization and I would be joining UIUC from next Fall as a PhD 
student. I feel that this might be an added advantage and help in any 
the future collaboration in the project.

I have a good background in compilers theory as I have completed the 
courses - "Advanced compiler optimizations" and "Parallel Execution of 
Programs" in my undergraduate study. I also have a good programming 
knowledge in C/C++ and in the past, I have designed a complete compiler 
for Fortran95 as part of my undergraduate compiler course. I have also 
implemented a library supporting the parallelization of partially 
parallel loops using the R-LRPD Test in another project.

I feel that with my background, I would be able to complete the assigned 
project in the summers. I wanted to find out if someone would like to 
mentor me on any of the above projects this summer. It would also be a 
great help if someone could direct me to good references and help me out 
with the problem before I write my project proposal.

Thank you.

Pranav Garg.

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