[LLVMdev] Intrinsic cannot use illegal type

Christian Sayer Christian.Sayer at dibcom.fr
Mon Mar 2 09:18:56 PST 2009

Hello everybody,

I use a target specific Intrinsic that returns an illegal type. The idea is that this returned value shall be eliminated when the Intrinsic node is lowered to a target node.
I realize that this is a rather late stage, since (at least) SelectionDAGLowering::visitTargetIntrinsic() requires legal types, and type legalization in general is also done before ISelLowering.

The background is that the intrinsic returns a boolean value which is evaluated by a branch instruction of a (special) loop. The branch targets of this kind of loop are actually controlled and generated by  hardware. So in the end the intrinsic should become the branch instruction and the original branch should disappear.

Is there a way to make this intrinsic go through as it is until instruction lowering, and to avoid type legalization on it?

Thanks a lot,

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