[LLVMdev] Several basic questions about Builder

Carter Cheng carter_cheng at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 28 01:05:16 PDT 2009

I have been toying around with the LLVM tutorial code and I am trying to deduce what I can from it as a basis for a compiler frontend for a simple language of my own devising (once I understand what I am doing I will probably attempt mapping a more complex language target). I am having some difficulties however understanding how certain things work and I was hoping perhaps someone could help me out-

1) Using the Builder interface how does one create the equivalent of stack frames and access variables in the current stack frame or perhaps in the static enclosing scope (assuming functions can be nested)?

2) Is it possible to deallocate functions from a module and recycle the memory used without restarting the JIT? I am trying to build a server type application where objects/classes maybe be deallocated and thus the associated functions will no longer be used.

3) How does one sequence instructions using Builder similar to a semi-colon in a language like C?

Thanks in advance,



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