[LLVMdev] making trampolines more portable

Eric Smith eric at brouhaha.com
Wed Jun 24 00:10:42 PDT 2009

Duncan Sands wrote:
 > is it important for you to have portable bitcode (i.e. the trampoline
 > size as some kind of symbolic constant, maybe via a global or an
 > intrinsic) that works on all targets or would it be enough to have the
 > LLVM info for the target expose the trampoline size, so when generating
 > IR for a target X you would query the method for target X and if it
 > returns "12 bytes" you would output an alloca of 12 bytes.

I'd prefer the former, but the latter is clearly much better than
having to guess.

 > right now if you want to call external functions
 > (for example) you need to know target details in order to generate IR
 > that conforms to the target ABI.  Just pointing out that it is hard to
 > generate target independent bitcode that does non-trivial things.

Hmm...  sounds like my intention to use LLVM bitcode as a portable
intermediate code is doomed, then.  I had hoped that the "V" in LLVM
gave me more target-independence than that.  I wouldn't necessarily
have expected this to work for entirely arbitrary ABIs, but I'd hoped
that it would have at least abstracted away the target calling conventions
for C functions.

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