[LLVMdev] Garbage collection implementation

Eric Smith eric at brouhaha.com
Wed Jun 24 00:01:08 PDT 2009

Jon Harrop wrote:
 > The simplest way is surely to reuse HLVM because it provides 
everything you
 > need and is even written in the right language! ;-)

Is there a web page with HLVM docs?  There's a README.txt in the 
subversion repository:


which says:

    HLVM comes with documentation in HTML format. These are provided in 
the docs
    directory. Please visit http://llvm.org/docs/hlvm/ to get an index 
of the
    documentation that is available.

but unfortunately that URL yields a 404.

While I could check the docs out of subversion myself (assuming they're 
actually there, which I haven't verified), putting the docs online for 
easy access would be much more conducive to attracting users and or 
developers to HLVM.


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