[LLVMdev] PIC documentation ?

Aaron Gray aaronngray.lists at googlemail.com
Tue Jun 16 15:34:01 PDT 2009

>>> 2. ABI docs for Darwin (x86, x86_64, ppc, ppc64) you might find
>>> somewhere @apple.com. There you can have all 3 types of PIC code:
>>> static (no pic at all), DynamicNoPIC and full PIC.
>> Okay. We need documentation, what is the difference between  
>> DynamicNoPIC and
>> full PIC ?
> The best way to figure this out is to run  a small program through and  
> look at the output I think.  It's not considered part of the ABI, as  
> it doesn't affect the callee or the codegen for variable  
> definitions....note that the code sequences for function calls also  
> varied in compilers earlier than gcc-4.2, and OS's earlier than  
> Leopard.  Look for getDarwinVers in the X86 and PPC back ends and look  
> around for "stubs" if you want to support Tiger.

Great thats the way to do it, very obvious solution !

Thanks for the hints Dale,


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