[LLVMdev] runtime library for jitted code

Óscar Fuentes ofv at wanadoo.es
Mon Jun 15 08:48:30 PDT 2009

Albert Graef <Dr.Graef at t-online.de> writes:

> Victor Zverovich wrote:
>> I am considering a possibility of using LLVM JIT for an algebraic
>> modelling language. I have already done some prototyping following the
>> Kaleidoscope tutorial and currently thinking of how to connect the
>> jitted code to a runtime library (for this language) which I would like
>> to code in C++. If it was *NIX I would use g++ possibly with '-rdynamic'
>> option as suggested in the tutorial to resolve required functions at
>> runtime. However it is not an option, I am stuck to Windows and Visual
>> C++.
> Well, backlinking doesn't work on Windows, but you can create a dll for
> your runtime and use LLVM's dynamic library interface to load that dll.
> I'm doing it that way in my project (http://pure-lang.googlecode.com/,
> search for 'sys::DynamicLibrary::' in interpreter.cc) and it works fine
> on Windows.

The OP says that he wants to link to a dll coded in C++. Isn't name
mangling the main problem here?


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