[LLVMdev] llvmc for PIC16

Mikhail Glushenkov the.dead.shall.rise at gmail.com
Mon Jun 15 03:48:10 PDT 2009

Hi Sanjiv,

2009/6/15 Sanjiv Gupta <sanjiv.gupta at microchip.com>:
> Hi Mikhail,
> How do you build mcc16 executable?

This should work:

$ cd $LLVM_DIR/tools/llvmc/examples/mcc16
$ make

If you're building from some other dir, you'll need to update
mcc16/Makefile, so it knows where Makefile.common is located.

> There are so many confusing things there: driver, plugins, example, Skelton
> etc.
> The LLVMC-Tutorial doesn't clearly talk about them.

Yes, I know, the documentation doesn't talk about creating standalone
drivers. Sorry for that, I was planning to update it for ages...
For now, please look at examples/Skeleton, which is a standalone
driver skeleton, on which the mcc16 driver is based.

> I think the correct command line is
> rather than
> $ make BUILTIN_PLUGINS=MyPlugin DRIVER_NAME=mydriver
> (I found the later one in LLVMC-Reference)

This section is about building the "main" llvmc driver and its plugins.
Creation of standalone drivers is not described in the docs yet (it
was added relatively recently).

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