[LLVMdev] Some understanding of LLVM vs gCC vs Intel C++ Compilers

Jason Todd Slack-Moehrle mailinglists at MailNewsRSS.com
Sun Jun 14 21:17:48 PDT 2009

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the response.

>> How does LLVm fit in?
> The llvm project provides two open source compilers, llvm-gcc and
> clang.  Clang is considered production quality on the mac for C and
> ObjC.  llvm-gcc on the mac supports c/objc/c++/objc++.  Apple
> productizes these and ships them with the Xcode installation.
>> I know that it is a C/C++ Compiler, but how do I use it? Is it
>> Makefile based?
>> Does it replace GCC?
> Both llvm-gcc and clang work as drop in replacements for GCC.  They
> take the same command line options etc, and are both quite usable on
> the command line.

Can you provide advice on why Intel C++ compilers vs LLVM-GCC vs just  
normal GCC? Like benefits to one over the others? Pros and Cons, etc,  


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