[LLVMdev] What happened to the -fast flag for lli?

Samuel Crow samuraileumas at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 13 08:59:46 PDT 2009

Hello Mark,

It's not a flag anymore, it is an enumeration.  See http://www.nabble.com/Change-in-JIT-td23308581.html#a23308581 for details.


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> Hi,
> I'm slightly confused here.
> Not only, has -fast flag disappeared from lli,
> the ExecutionEngine:createJIT API has changed as well.
> I suspect these are related :)
> What will this do to the speed of JIT code generation?
> What effect do the new optimisation levels in ExecutionEngine:createJIT 
> have?
> What lli flag (if any) corresponds to these optimisation levels?
> And is this documented anywhere?
> Mark.
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