[LLVMdev] Structured Exception Handling (SEH) on Windows

Vinod Grover vgrover528 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 8 09:27:50 PDT 2009

SEH is not a superset of C++ exception handling - it is Windows exception

On Wed, Jun ion 3, 2009 at 8:57 PM, Joe Ranieri <joe at alacatialabs.com>wrote:

> On Jun 3, 2009, at 18:50, Eli Friedman wrote:
> > On Wed, Jun 3, 2009 at 2:20 PM, Joe Ranieri<joe at alacatialabs.com>
> > wrote:
> >> Has any progress been made on structured exception handling on
> >> Windows? I saw a post by Duncan Sands back in September 2008, but
> >> haven't seen anything since. I'm trying to generate code to run on
> >> Windows, but would really prefer not to ship libgcc...
> >
> > I fail to see the connection between SEH support and libgcc; for C++
> > exceptions to work, you will need libgcc anyway.
> Well, I had thought that SEH was a superset of C++ exception handling,
> similar to how the unwind library is to the C++ exception handling
> with libgcc. Looking further into this, it seems not to be the case.
> What I'd like to end up with is exceptions compatible with DLLs
> generated with Visual Studio C++. I'm not much of a Windows person, so
> don't really know the best way to approach it.
> However, this is a long term goal, and for now I just need an
> exception system to work inside of the code I generate with LLVM.
> Since I don't really have much time to spend on this, I think for now
> I'll implement something quick and dirty using setjmp/longjmp.
> Anyone have better ideas?
> -- Joe Ranieri
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