[LLVMdev] Adding instructions to MachineBlock

Manjunath Kudlur keveman at gmail.com
Wed Jun 3 12:46:41 PDT 2009


I am writing a MachineFunction pass that converts vector instructions
to a sequence of scalar instructions. First, I go through the function
and look for vector registers. For each vector register, I create a
set of corresponding scalar registers using createVirtualRegister()
function and put it in a map. Then I go through the function and
replace vector instructions.The basic structure of the code is as
follows :

  for(MachineFunction::iterator BI=F.begin(), BE=F.end(); BI!=BE; ++BI) {
    MachineBasicBlock *BB = &*BI;

    std::vector<MachineInstr *> toRemove;
    std::vector<MachineInstr *> copies;

    for(MachineBasicBlock::iterator II=BB->begin(), IE=BB->end();
II!=IE; ++II) {
      MachineInstr *Instr = &*II;


      createCopies(F, Instr, copies);
      for(unsigned i=0, e=copies.size(); i!=e; ++i)
        BB->insert(II, copies[i]);
    for(unsigned i=0, e=toRemove.size(); i!=e; ++i)

The createCopies function creates a set of instructions. Say we have a
vector instruction vx <- f(vy, vz), and say the vector sizes of
vx,vy,vz are 2, then 'copies' will contain 2 instructions
x1<-f'(y1,z1) and x2<-f'(y2,z2), where f' is the corresponding scalar
instruction. Now, when I am trying to insert the new instructions into
the basic block (BB->insert(II, copies[i])), I am seeing a segfault.
MachineOperand::AddRegOperandToRegInfo is getting called by
BB->insert() and RegInfo->getRegUseDefListHead(getReg()) for the new
register is 0xffffffff somehow. I suspect I am not following some
rules when adding the instructions to a basic block. I would be
grateful if some one can point out what I am doing wrong, and provide
suggestions on how to go about doing this.


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