[LLVMdev] Problems of source to source transformation of LLVM

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Thu Dec 31 00:10:50 PST 2009

Nobody give comments on this?

Is the source to source transformation of LLVM robust enough?


Thanks in advance.



Problems of source to source transformation of LLVM



       I did experiments of the source transformation of LLVM on SPEC2000 C
programs. But I found most benchmarks can't be

transformed from source to source successfully. 

The steps are as follows.

1.       I write a script to transform every .c file into .bc file, and then
use llc to transform .bc file to .c files.

I don't know if there are any method to transform many .c files into one .bc
file and then transform the .bc file into one .c file.

If there are any good method, pls tell me:-). The scripts are as follows.


for file in *.c


                echo $file...

                llvm-gcc -O3 -emit-llvm $file -c -o $file.bc

                llc -march=c $file.bc -o $file

                rm $file.bc



2.       Then I use GCC -O3 to compile the new source .c files.


The problems occur when doing the source to source transformation. I listed
some error messages as follows.


1. 164.gzip

LLVM ERROR: The C backend does not currently support integer types of widths
other than 1, 8, 16, 32, 64.

This is being tracked as PR 4158.

2. 253.perlbmk


In file included from perl.h:1276,

                 from MD5.c:28:

cop.h:217: error: expected specifier-qualifier-list before 'bool'

3. 255.gap

oa1.c: In function 'OaCompare':

oa1.c:1714: error: duplicate case value

oa1.c:1705: error: previously used here


Can anyone give help? Thanks very much in advance.




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